Unconventional Tactics to Collect Warm Insurance Leads

Routinely securing warm leads is the reard of a disciplined and goal-oriented approach to insurance sales that builds competence and confidence.

Brian Celestine is a 15-year veteran in the insurance industry and partner at North American Senior Benefits. This week on Stay Paid, we ask him to share his experiences and thoughts about what it takes to succeed as an insurance professional. Through explanation and examples, he emphasizes the importance of consistency, discipline, and a positive mindset in a business that offers both freedom and challenges.

When you listen to Brian’s interview, you’ll hear him outline his daily work schedule and describe his structured approach to setting appointments that made him agent of the year. Adopting his approach can earn a disciplined professional six figures a year, but critical to his recommendation is setting aside specific times to reach potential clients that may not be available during a normal workweek.

He also stresses the importance of a positive mindset (he shares the routine he uses to get pumped up before every appointment) and why having a consistent presentation that never wavers is indispensable to building the competence and confidence that closes deals.

Additionally, one of the topics of our conversation that we found especially impressive was Brian’s tactic for securing three to five warm referrals from every appointment. We’ll call it “the phone grab.” It’s a strategy that stresses the need to ask for multiple referrals, employs a positive assumption that clients will provide names, and makes it virtually impossible for a client to refuse. The trick, so to speak, is to exhibit a degree of confidence born of knowing that you are providing needed value to the people your clients most care about.

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