New Trust Reporting Tax Regulations for 2024

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Biden’s billionaire tax hits the super-rich. Can a wealth tax work?

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Stop a Massive Tax Hike

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Here’s who qualifies for free tax filing through the IRS this season

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How 4 Tax Credits Could Cover 100% of Your Company’s 401(k) Plan Costs for the First Three Years

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The Best Countries for Expats, With Low Tax and High Quality of Life

The UK announced Wednesday that it would scrap its non-dom status, which allows people who live there but have permanent residency abroad to avoid taxes on their foreign assets for 15 years.... Read more »

President Biden floats $10,000 first-time homebuyers tax credit

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UK Budget 2024: Will High Earners Benefit From Property Tax, Non-Dom Changes?

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Tax pros brace for ‘tidal wave’ of crypto tax scrutiny from IRS

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Tax evasion by wealthiest Americans tops $150 billion a year: IRS

The nation’s millionaires and billionaires are evading more than $150 billion a year in taxes, adding to growing government deficits and creating a “lack of fairness” in the tax system, according to... Read more »

Register Today for the 6th Annual NFIB/ITR Small Business Day Tax Luncheon!

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IRS weighs ‘audit selection algorithm’ changes for low-income tax credit

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Here are some of the top red flags for an IRS audit, tax pros say

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The average tax refund is almost 29% lower this tax season, IRS reports

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