Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth: Wealth Tops Elon Musk as 3rd Richest

Mark Zuckerberg passed Elon Musk on Friday to become the third-richest person in the world, the first time since 2020 the arch-rival billionaires have held those positions. Musk, who ranked first on... Read more »

Wealth of the 1% hits a record $44 trillion

Martin Puddy | Digitalvision | Getty Images A version of this article first appeared in CNBC’s Inside Wealth newsletter with Robert Frank, a weekly guide to the high-net-worth investor and consumer. Sign up to... Read more »

Fed must cut rates more aggressively due to jobs: Canaccord Tony Dwyer

The Federal Reserve may have new incentives in the second quarter to cut rates deeper this year. Canaccord Genuity’s Tony Dwyer thinks a deteriorating jobs market and easing inflation will ultimately push... Read more »

What to Know Filing 2023 Taxes: Interest Income, Roth IRA Limits, Direct File

Americans who enjoyed capital gains from a rallying stock market or interest from high-yield savings accounts in 2023 may have a few surprises waiting for them in their tax bill. That’s emerging... Read more »

Tesla is one of the most oversold stocks, could be due for a rebound

It may be time to buy shares of Tesla as a popular metric on Wall Street indicates shares could be ripe for a rebound. The broader market has struggled this week thanks... Read more »

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day: Americas

Good morning. Stocks struggle for direction after another record day on Wall Street and Ken Griffin becomes the latest big hitter to tell the Fed to move cautiously on rate cuts. Here’s what’s... Read more »

Japan’s market is hitting record highs. What to know about the rally and how to play it

U.S. equities aren’t the only ones on a bull run — the Japanese stock market is also enjoying an upward climb. Last week, Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 Index hit its highest level... Read more »

Goldman sees this stock market tailwind growing to $1 trillion in 2025

S & P 500 share repurchases could make a comeback in 2024 with the help of the Magnificent 7, according to Goldman Sachs. The firm estimates S & P 500 constituents will... Read more »

5 cheap stocks to buy on any pullback, according to Sarat Sethi

The stock market may be ripping higher, but there are still some names trading at a discount that could do well, according to Sarat Sethi, portfolio manager of Douglas C. Lane & Associates.... Read more »

Goldman’s list of hedge fund favorite stocks is doubling the market

Hedge funds’ most-loved stocks have nearly doubled the S & P 500 ‘s return this year due to the continuous strength in Big Tech, according to Goldman Sachs. The Wall Street bank... Read more »

Companies make 2024 the year of cost cuts

Mathisworks | Digitalvision Vectors | Getty Images Corporate America has a message for Wall Street: It’s serious about cutting costs this year. From toy and cosmetics makers to office software sellers, executives... Read more »

Uber Profitability Comes After Food Delivery, Pandemic Investments

Uber reported its first annual profit on Feb. 7. It was a milestone for the San Francisco-based ride-hailing and food delivery company, which was once infamous for hemorrhaging cash as it sought... Read more »

Don’t look now. These stocks may see the biggest moves this week

Several technology and travel companies are reporting earnings this week — and some of them are likely to see dramatic moves when they do. Wall Street is now in the final half... Read more »

Nvidia rally fueling FOMO in overall market: Evercore’s Julian Emanuel

Evercore ISI’s Julian Emanuel thinks Nvidia’s monster rally is fueling a fear of missing out in the market. He finds clients, including many who traded through the dot-com boom and subsequent collapse,... Read more »

The stock market debate is trapped in the ’90s with both bulls and bears drawing comparisons

GenZ fashion influencers aren’t the only ones trying to channel the 1990s these days. Investors likewise see plenty of current-day relevance in that decade of upheaval, renewal, technological acceleration and eventual excess.... Read more »

Oil stocks should be popular like semis, but no one cares: VanEck CEO

Investors may want to consider putting money to work in a lagging part of the market. According to VanEck CEO Jan van Eck, oil stocks are getting a raw deal. “The [oil]... Read more »

The S&P 500 Just Topped 5,000 in a New Record. Should You Buy?

With the S&P 500 closing above 5,000 for the first time, there’s an inevitable question for investors with cash on the sidelines: Should I get in now — or is the milestone... Read more »

Too exposed to Big Tech? These ETFs may help broaden out your risk

Big Tech’s market dominance may push more investors to equal-weight exchange-traded funds, according to VettaFi’s Todd Rosenbluth. “Investors are getting nervous that too much money is concentrated in a handful of stocks... Read more »

Why weakness in small caps may be a short-term setback

Small cap stocks may be on the cusp of a turnaround. According to Fairlead Strategies market technician Katie Stockton, the Russell 2000‘s underperformance so far this year is likely a near-term setback.... Read more »