Hedge Funds to Share More on Their Strategies Under SEC Rule

US regulators will begin requiring hedge funds to confidentially share more information about their investment strategies. New rules approved on Thursday will require firms to provide more details with watchdogs, including investments,... Read more »

Ken Griffin and Ja Rule Converge in Miami as Power Meets Glamour

No one in New York or LA orders a Carlyle Fresco. Source link Read more »

What to know about financial advice as lawmakers debate rule changes

When employees who contribute to a 401(k) plan leave a company, they have options for what to do with that money.  Depending on what the employer retirement savings plan allows, exiting employees... Read more »

New Federal Rule Targets Illinois Small Businesses

The Biden Administration implemented new reporting requirements for small businesses on January 1. The rule—the Beneficial Ownership Reporting Rule—requires small businesses to report their beneficial ownership information to the federal government. Failure... Read more »

The DOL’s Proposed Retirement Security Rule: What Financial Advisors Need to Know

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently proposed a new fiduciary rule on October 31, 2023 that attempts to redefine the criteria used to identify fiduciary investment advice. The proposal’s goal is... Read more »

IRS delays rule change for 1099-K on Venmo, PayPal business payments

IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel testifies before a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Feb. 15, 2023. Kevin Lamarque | Reuters If you received business payments via apps such as PayPal or Venmo or... Read more »