Here’s what I learned about Roth IRAs and HYSAs as a Gen Z reporter

  Klaus Vedfelt | Digitalvision | Getty Images ‘The Roth IRA is an incredible savings vehicle’ Roth individual retirement accounts require investors to pay taxes on the contributions they make now, rather... Read more »

Policy changes look to reduce 401(k) plan ‘leakage’

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Gen Z, millennials are grappling with high cost of living

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Here are things to consider if you want to age in place in retirement

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How the generations stack up financially

By many measures, Generation Z is doing well. Compared with their parents at this age, young adults are more likely to have a college degree and work full time — particularly women,... Read more »

As S&P 500 enters bull market, here’s what to know before you invest

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Why 2024 will be ‘a very good year for savers,’ particularly with CDs

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What to know about financial advice as lawmakers debate rule changes

When employees who contribute to a 401(k) plan leave a company, they have options for what to do with that money.  Depending on what the employer retirement savings plan allows, exiting employees... Read more »

How Laguna Beach, California, is helping residents age in place

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62% of adults age 50 and older have not used an advisor for retirement

Mihtiander | Getty Images People age 50 and older are nearing the final stretch when it comes to planning for retirement. Yet, 62% of those in that age cohort have not consulted... Read more »

Consumer spending growth will slow in 2024, NRF chief economist says

Consumer spending remained remarkably resilient throughout 2023, even in the face of prolonged inflation and high interest rates. But that’s unlikely to continue, according to Jack Kleinhenz, chief economist at the National... Read more »

Here’s what happens to your Social Security benefits when you die

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How high earners can maximize their 401(k) contributions in 2024

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4 factors affect how much Social Security retirees receive in 2024

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How to set an annual budget

ShareShare Article via FacebookShare Article via TwitterShare Article via LinkedInShare Article via Email In 2023, 40% of Americans said they don’t make New Year’s money resolutions and 68% said they have no... Read more »

Here are moves investors can make when the market is soaring, advisors say

Rear view of woman sitting on top of mountain against cloudy sky during sunrise. Simonkr | E+ | Getty Images It was a very good year for the stock market. The benchmark... Read more »

The first step to setting an annual budget is simple

This year, 40% of Americans said they do not make financial resolutions for the new year and 68% said they do not have written financial plans at any point in the year,... Read more »

Why you still need a long-term retirement savings approach in your 40s

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3 year-end investment tax tips from top-ranked financial advisors

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