Raising your credit score can help you save $92 per month: report

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Venezuela Inflation Cooled to Decade Low in January 2024 on Chevron Dollars

After a stretch of hyperinflation that neared an estimated 2 million percent a year, Venezuela posted the smallest consumer price increase for January in more than a decade. The monthly inflation print... Read more »

Biden calls shrinkflation a ‘rip off.’ How to spot downsized products

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World Economy Latest: Slower US Inflation Is Set to Fuel Fed Cut Optimism

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Why one expert called earned wage access ‘payday lending on steroids’

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Affluent millennials more likely to exaggerate finances to appear wealthy

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Many Americans cannot pay for an unexpected $1,000 expense. Here’s why

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Why the Inflation Shock Matters for Mortgages

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Why 2024 will be ‘a very good year for savers,’ particularly with CDs

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Here’s where prices fell in December 2023, in one chart

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Will airfares come down this year? Yes, but just slightly say reports

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Easing US Core Inflation Seen Reinforcing Fed Optimism

Underlying US price pressures probably continued to recede as 2023 drew to a close, backing up optimism at the Federal Reserve about the path for inflation. Source link Read more »

Bond yields surging to highest level in decades: Jim Bianco

It’s a level not seen since George W. Bush was president. Wall Street forecaster Jim Bianco is predicting the benchmark 10-year Treasury note yield will hit 5.5% this year — its highest... Read more »

Red Sea crisis fuels shipping costs, delays, inflation

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4 factors affect how much Social Security retirees receive in 2024

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Big Short’s Steve Eisman worries investors are too bullish in 2024

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Companies losing pricing power after years of unbridled spending

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The U.S. avoided a recession in 2023. What’s the outlook for 2024?

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Fed sparks irrational market optimism on possible rate cuts: Sheila Bair

Market optimism over the potential for interest rate cuts next year is dangerously overdone, according to former FDIC Chair Sheila Bair. Bair, who ran the FDIC during the 2008 financial crisis, suggested... Read more »