State Rep. Fran Cavenaugh Earns Crucial Small Business Endorsement

NFIB Arkansas PAC announces endorses state Rep. Fran Cavenaugh for House District 30.

LITTLE ROCK (Feb. 15, 2024) – The NFIB Arkansas PAC today endorsed Rep. Fran Cavenaugh for House District 30. The political action committee is comprised solely of NFIB members from throughout the state.

“As a small business owner herself, Rep. Cavenaugh understands the challenges Main Street faces,” NFIB State Director Katie Burns said. “Throughout her time in the House, Rep. Cavenaugh has demonstrated a commitment to promoting greater economic opportunity for our local job creators and the Arkansans they employ.

“On behalf of our small business owner members across the state, I’m proud to announce our endorsement of Rep. Cavenaugh and ask all Arkansans to support pro-small business candidates up and down the ballot.”

Election Day is March 5. Early voting begins on Feb. 19 at your county clerk’s office. To find your polling place, visit

The NFIB Arkansas PAC’s endorsement is important to these campaigns. Small business owners and their employees vote in large numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members, and acquaintances to go to the polls.

NFIB’s political support is based on the candidates’ positions and records on key small-business issues.

About Rep. Fran Cavenaugh (R–Walnut Ridge):

Rep. Fran Cavenaugh has served in the Arkansas House of Representatives since 2017. As a small business owner, Rep. Cavenaugh understands the challenges faced by Arkansas small businesses. Cavenaugh serves on the House Taxation and Revenue Committee where she directly influences Arkansas tax and regulation policies. Rep. Cavenaugh currently serves as Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore.


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