NFIB LC Chairman Pays Visit to Legislators

Max A. Ordonez delivers the small business message throughout the Capitol 

No one gets lawmakers’ office doors opened faster or the attention of legislators quicker than a small business owner, and when that small business owner is also the leadership council chairman of NFIB California, the meetings take on an added importance for them. 

NFIB is always thankful when any member can take some time away from running his or her enterprise to help us with the legislative lobbying that benefits all small business owners in California. On March 4, NFIB California Leadership Council Chairman Max A. Ordonez flew up from Southern California for a one-day visit with key lawmakers to spread the small business message. 

In that brief time, Ordonez packed in some important meetings with a bipartisan group of top elected officials that included: 

  • Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Jim Wood 
  • Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher
  • Assemblywoman Laurie Davies (staff)
  • Assemblywoman Diane Dixon
  • Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio 
  • Assemblyman Josh Hoover 
  • Assemblyman Juan Alanis
  • Senate Republican Leader Brian Jones
  • Sen. Steven Bradford (staff)
  • Sen. Tom Umberg (staff)

The meetings were arranged by NFIB’s legislative director, Tim Taylor, who accompanied Ordonez and NFIB California State Director John Kabateck and NFIB Grassroots Manager Taylor Criddle to the meetings. 

Interested in Advocating for Small Business? 

In a full-time Legislature like California’s, lobbying is a full-time necessity if the interests of small business are not to get buried. That’s why NFIB welcomes all of our members to let us know if you’d be interested in testifying on a bill or simply want to pay a visit to your senator and assembly member from back home. We’re happy to arrange it. The Power of the Small Business Voice is resounding. 

Main photo, from left to right: NFIB Legislative Director Tim Taylor, Leadership Council Chairman Max A. Ordonez, Assemblyman Josh Hoover, NFIB California State Director John Kabateck, NFIB Member Service Manager Taylor Criddle. Top photo with Assemblyman Diane Dixon. Bottom photo with Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher. Left-hand photo, from left to right: Kabateck, Ordonez, Assemblyman Jim Wood, Taylor. Right-hand photo: NFIB delegation with Assemblyman Juan Alanis


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