In Case You Missed It: Small Business Recap of Wisconsin Governor’s State of the State Address

Participants received a summary of Governor Evers’ address, asked questions, and learned more about bills before the Legislature in a virtual event.

In a virtual event with members, NFIB State Director Bill G. Smith gave a recap of Governor Evers’ State of the State address. During the conversation, Smith spoke about issues before the Legislature and answered participants’ questions.

Recapping the Governor’s State of the State address, Smith highlighted the strong financial position of the state.

“What the Governor said, and I’m quoting here: ‘Our state, has never been in better financial condition than we are today. Better than last year. Better than when I took office, and better than any year in Wisconsin’s 176 years of statehood.’ So that’s saying something. We’re in a pretty good financial position, but the Governor also said we are not finished.”

Then Smith listed the Governor’s policy proposals, including solving the childcare crisis, investing more in public education, and promoting Wisconsin’s apprenticeship programs. The Governor renewed his calls for a Paid Family and Medical Leave program, which NFIB opposes.

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