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Robert Hallstrom
NFIB/Nebraska State Director

Robert J. Hallstrom has served as NFIB/Nebraska State Director since 1985. Hallstrom is a lawyer/lobbyist who has represented numerous clients before the Nebraska Legislature since 1981 in such areas as small business, banking, pharmacy and general health care.

Hallstrom’s responsibilities include researching and drafting legislation, lining up sponsors to introduce bills of interest to small business, testifying before legislative committees and contacting state senators on a regular basis to promote the small business agenda. In addition, he responds to membership inquiries, organizes the annual “Small-Business Day at the Capitol,” coordinates membership meetings and encourages membership involvement in legislative activities.

NFIB/Nebraska’s biggest victory to date, Hallstrom feels, has been the workers’ compensation reforms that have served to cap the rising workers’ compensation costs for small business, resulting in considerable savings and a greater degree of stability in the workers’ compensation system for small business.

“Small-business owners have developed a reputation for participation and success in legislative activities in Nebraska,” Hallstrom said. “The old adage of ‘strength in numbers’ applies to NFIB/Nebraska, the largest business advocacy group in the state. Your voice as a member of NFIB/Nebraska will add to the strength and effectiveness of small business on legislative issues.”


Additional NFIB Contacts

Ben Abrahamson

Grassroots Manager

P: 218-969-5121

Jessica Henrichs

Senior Media Manager
P: 913-671-0333

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