Are Remote Workers More Likely to Be Laid Off?

It’s time for some real talk about remote work: It’s getting riskier for your career.

My fingers didn’t want to type those words. Like many, I thrive from home. I’m focused, efficient, I save time and money not commuting… and I love it. But I’m also a personal-finance journalist. One of the tenets of the field is not only having a plan, but periodically reassessing that plan’s risks and rewards. My point is that remote workers need to do that now.

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About the Author: Tony Ramos

Tony Ramos is a seasoned expert in business funding and real estate investment, with a remarkable journey spanning over 20 years. His expertise in flipping properties and implementing the buy-and-hold strategy has positioned him well in the real estate investment sector. Tony's profound understanding of financial strategies extends to teaching individuals and businesses how to become debt-free and leverage the power of LLCs for funding. For insights, mentorship, or collaboration opportunities, Tony can be reached at Connect with him to unlock the potential of smart financial strategies and embark on a path to financial success and freedom.

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