A Look at the Top Charts of 2023

Our latest resource, The Top 23 Charts of 2023, packages 23 “charts of the year” into a useful slide deck. Read on for a sneak peek of the stories that defined the market and economy in 2023, and download your copy of the full slide deck.

End of the Bear Market

The S&P 500, represented below by the SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY), drew down by as much as 25.4% in 2022. Not only did the index emerge out of bear market territory in 2023, but it just about fully erased that drawdown heading into 2024. The S&P 500 index rose 24.3% in 2023, ending the year half a percent away from its all-time high.


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Brian Portnoy discussed this chart further on our webinar from earlier this year: Brian Portnoy Decodes the Psychology of Client Wealth. You can watch the segment below:

At the same time, failing to stay invested proved to be costly. Missing out on just the five best market days in 2023 considerably diminished that 24.3% return by 11.55 percentage points. Missing the 15 best days turned an investment in the S&P 500 negative. And so on…

The Effect of Missing the Market’s Best Days

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Fed Rate Hikes

In response to rising inflation, the Federal Reserve hiked the Federal Funds Rate at an unprecedented pace. The Fed issued rate hikes in 11 of its last 15 FOMC meetings for a total of 525 basis points, including four consecutive 75bps hikes. On the other hand, the Fed has kept rates steady at 5.25-5.50% in its last three meetings. What will the Fed do in 2024?

effective fed funds rate

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Charlie Bilello discussed this chart further on our webinar from earlier this year: Inflation, Inversions, and a Recession? Charlie’s Tips for Navigating Today’s Markets. You can watch the segment below:

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